Respiratory Question #8


The nurse caring for a client who had a right wedge resection of the lung recognizes an early sign of pulmonary emboli. Which assessment finding is an early sign of pulmonary embolism?


  1. Cyanosis localized to upper extremity.
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  2. Increased wheezing bilaterally.
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  3. Increase in respirations by 10 breaths per minute over two hours.
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  4. Sudden onset of apprehension, anxiety, and dyspnea.
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Pulmonary embolism symptoms may be sudden, and the client may feel panic and apprehension with abrupt dyspnea, and may have chest pain. Respiratory rate increase also may occur abruptly, not slowly over couple of hours. Cyanosis to upper extremity is not a sign of pulmonary embolus and wheezing occurs with asthma and bronchospasm.

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