Respiratory Question #44


The nurse develops a nursing care plan for a client at risk of having hospital-acquired pneumonia. Which factor places this client at highest risk for having hospital-acquired pneumonia? (Select all that apply)


  1. A client on a Ventilator.
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  2. A client with dysphagia.
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  3. A client who did not receive the pneumococcal vaccine.
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  4. A client who not receiving the influenza vaccine.
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Hospital acquired pneumonia risk factors include mechanical ventilation and constitutes more than 85% of all cases with pneumonia that occurs in 9-27% of ventilator clients. Highest risk occurs during first 10 days following intubation. Next, clients with dysphagia may experience aspiration which will predispose them to developing pathogens. Hospital-acquired pneumonia is highest among those from selection A and B, and the elderly or otherwise immunologically compromised. Risk factors of A, B are higher and more significant that those that did not have vaccinations.

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