Respiratory Question #40


The nurse is caring for a client in the intensive care unit who has been on a ventilator set on 80% FiO2 for three days. The nurse will observe the client for risk of having which condition as a result of prolonged ventilator settings with 80% FiO2?


  1. Pulmonary fibrosis.
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  2. Pleural effusion.
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  3. Pneumonia.
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  4. Legionnaire’s Disease.
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Pulmonary fibrosis and oxygen toxicity is the highest risk for a client on a ventilator with high levels of FiO2 for more than 72 hours. While pleural effusion and pneumonia may occur (or be one reason for ventilator need), they are not at higher risk as pulmonary fibrosis. Legionnaire’s disease is caused by legionella, and must become infective if the client has the bacterium known as legionella pneumophila.

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