Respiratory Question #4


The nurse caring for a client with emphysema walks into the client’s hospital room and finds the client sitting on the side of the bed while leaning on the overbed table. Which statement best reflects whether the position of the client is correct or incorrect?


  1. “Please call the staff before leaning over the table as it is unsafe.”
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  2. “Next time sit upright instead of leaning over the table.”
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  3. “You need to recline in the bed-side chair to relax the diaphram.”
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  4. “You are demonstrating the correct position which will enhance breathing.”
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Sitting on the side of the bed while leaning on the overhead table may facilitate breathing since it will ease the work of breathing. Using pillows under folded arms may provide further comfort. The client may also sit in a chair with feet spread shoulder-width and lean forward with elbows on the knees. Although the table should be locked and stable, it does not apply to the question stem related to client position. Sitting upright without leaning forward and reclining in the chair will not ease breathing effort.

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