Respiratory Question #36


The nurse is instructing a client on using a metered dose inhaler and will include which instructions? (Select all that apply)


  1. Hold the metered dose inhaler 1-2 inches from mouth or use a spacer.
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  2. After inhalation, close mouth and hold breath 5-10 seconds.
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  3. Take short quick breaths with each inhalation.
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  4. Exhale deeply after inhalation of medication.
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The nurse should instruct the client to hold the metered dose inhaler 1-2 inches from mouth (or two finger-breadths away) or use a spacer, and close mouth and hold breath for several seconds (10 seconds if possible). Instruction is to breathe deeply through the mouth with each inhalation, NOT short quick breaths. The client should only exhale forcefully at the beginning PRIOR to actually using the inhaler. Exhalation should be after breath is held for up to 10 seconds if possible, and should not be forceful to retain the medication.

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