Respiratory Question #35


The nurse is instructing the client on use of beclomethasone (Vanceril) inhaler. Which statement by the client indicates that teaching is successful?


  1. “I will hold my diabetic medication for two hours before and after the inhaler.”
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  2. “I will rinse my mouth following each scheduled dose.”
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  3. “I will use the inhaler prior to sleep.”
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  4. “I will inhale then blow out forcefully.”
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The client should rinse the mouth following each scheduled dose because of irritation to the mucous membranes and possibility of creating an environment for candidiasis since the medication is a steroid. The inhaled medication is not just for use prior to sleep but will be at scheduled times during the day. It is not necessary to hold diabetic medications. Steroid use may raise blood sugar and holding diabetic medications may cause a higher blood sugar level. The client must not blow out the medication after inhaling.

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