Respiratory Question #31


The nurse is assessing a client with left-sided heart failure who is suspected of progressing into pulmonary edema. Which finding will the nurse report to the health care provider that is a manifestation of pulmonary edema?


  1. Bilateral crackles.
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  2. Peripheral 4+ edema.
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  3. Increased temperature.
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  4. Respiratory rate of 26 breaths/minute.
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Bilateral crackles may be heard with pulmonary edema as a complication of left-sided heart failure. Fluid accumulates in the pulmonary vascular bed, and crackles may be heard. Also, there may be a productive cough with pink frothy sputum. Fever is not associated with pulmonary edema and pitting edema is associated with right heart failure more than with left heart failure. A respiratory rate above normal is not by itself indicative of pulmonary edema. This question hones in on both cardiac and respiratory since the two may be concurrent in many instances.

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