Respiratory Question #23


A client is being discharged with a diagnosis of tuberculosis. Which important instructions will the nurse provide? (Select all that apply)


  1. Take medication but may stop if the side effects interfere with life.
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  2. Use other methods of birth control in addition to prescribed contraceptives.
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  3. Family and others living in the home need to be tested.
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  4. Practice secretion/respiratory hygiene by placing used tissue in closed bag.
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Discharge instructions for clients being discharged to home with the diagnosis of tuberculosis includes use of additional backup of birth control since some medications interfere with effectiveness of contraceptives; make sure family and others in the home are tested and may require follow up; and practice cough etiquette and respiratory hygiene. Selection A is incorrect as medications should be taken as prescribed. Compliance with medication regimen is difficult, and clients should be encouraged to take as directed. They should also have ventilated room, sleep alone while smear positive, avoid public transportation, and spend time outdoors.

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