Respiratory Question #19


The nurse is performing an admission assessment of a 26-year-old client with a preliminary diagnosis of tuberculosis. The nurse will provide a plan of care which includes which of the following actions? (Select all the apply)


  1. Wear gloves and gown when handling body fluids and bowel movements.
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  2. Make sure the room is positive pressured for positive airflow.
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  3. Wear an N95 respirator mask prior to entering the client’s room.
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  4. Administer first round of tuberculosis medications.
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The nurse will anticipate interventions which include wearing the N95 respirator mask prior to entering the room. The mask should be worn at all times while in the client room (including when handling bodily fluids). The nurse will also plan on administering the first phase of medications which include: isoniazid, rifampin, pyrazinamide, and ethambutol. The room should have negative-airflow versus positive airflow (as in selection B) assigned room to allow air to be pulled out and vented externally.

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