Respiratory Question #11


The clinic nurse is providing instructions to a client with chronic sinusitis. What should the nurse instruct the client to do?


  1. Keep family and friend visits to a minimum until well.
  2. Have a family member to assist with postural drainage daily.
  3. Take warm showers at least twice daily.
  4. Take four weeks of antibiotic therapy to lessen episodes.


Warm to hot showers promote drainage of secretions, thus may be helpful with chronic sinusitis since it increases the humidity and helps nasal mucus flow. While infection control with secretions is important, keeping family and friend visits minimized is not important in teaching for chronic sinusitis. Postural drainage is not part of care for chronic sinusitis. Antibiotic therapy for long periods of time may not be necessary with chronic sinusitis and is not mentioned in the stem of the question.