Renal Question #9


The client diagnosed with renal calculi calls the nurse into the hospital room to state that the pain is hardly present. Which actions will the nurse perform next?


  1. Prepare discharge-planning instructions since the stone passed.
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  2. Apply heat to flank area to promote further passage of the stone.
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  3. Administer opioid analgesic in order to have client ready for next phase of pain.
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  4. Carefully strain all urine and re-instruct on importance of straining
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The nurse should be sure to continue straining urine, and should re-instruct the client on straining. This is important because the pain is less (the pain was not stated to be absent) and less pain may indicate the calculi may be moving along the urinary tract. Fluids should be encouraged for increased output and flushing to help move the stone along. It may be too early to prepare for discharge since the stone may not have passed, and there may be other stones if one has passed. Heat to the flank area is helpful in the colicky stage but may not help passage. Analgesics should be administered when needed, and the pain has lessened.

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