Renal Question #50


A client with a history of smoking is just diagnosed with bladder cancer and is asking what the risk factors are. The nurse explains the following risks that increase the chance of having bladder cancer. (Select all that apply)


  1. Drinking too many fluids during a period of time.
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  2. Previous history of cancer and treatment with cytoxan.
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  3. Family history of bladder cancer.
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  4. Smoking.
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Factors that increase risk of having bladder cancer include smoking, genetics, and previous exposure to chemo-toxic agents like cytoxan and aromatic amines such as benzidine found in dye industry. Smoking is one of the most common links with bladder cancer. Drinking too many fluids is not a risk factor; however, drinking less than body requires over time may increase chances since less fluid intake means less emptying the bladder, which could keep toxins and chemicals lingering in the bladder.

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