Renal Question #48


A client is recovering from orthopedic surgery and having difficulty emptying the bladder despite multiple attempts to void. The client had spinal anesthesia and is on a patient controlled analgesia (PCA) pump. The nurse interprets the condition to be:


  1. Postoperative urinary retention (PUR).
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  2. Postoperative opioid reaction.
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  3. Failure of spinal anesthesia induction.
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  4. A pre-cursor to renal failure.
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Clients who undergo surgery for pelvic or orthopedic procedures and had spinal anesthesia, are at greater risk for postoperative urinary retention (PUR). Another potential factor is the use of opioid analgesic as in the PCA forms of pain control following surgical procedures. It is not considered an opioid reaction, failure of spinal anesthesia, or pre-cursor to renal failure.

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