Renal Question #46


The nurse is instructing a 38 year-old male client with a history of diabetes and with a new diagnosis of urinary tract infection. The client states “I am surprised I have one since usually it’s a female condition.” Which instruction by the nurse is the MOST important in answering the client’s question?


  1. “Yes, one in five females will develop a UTI, but risk factors for men such as diabetes, immune system issues, and enlarged prostate gland contribute to UTI in males.”
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  2. “Take antibiotics as prescribed and do not stop taking until all are gone.”
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  3. “Drink extra fluids to help wash out the bacteria causing the infection.”
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  4. “Renal failure increases with hypertension and as age advances.”
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The client is correct that more females than males in his age group will get UTI; however, the client has a history of diabetes which may contribute to a UTI. As he ages, his chances of getting urinary infections increases and with diabetes he may have increased risk of other kidney complications. Answers B and C are good instructions but do not answer the question posed by the client. The nurse must address client concerns and questions.

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