Renal Question #43


The nurse is caring for a client with cystitis who does not drink fluids while at work. How should the nurse address fluid intake as part of health promotion activities?


  1. “Don’t worry about drinking at work since morning and evening should be enough”.
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  2. “Drink at least 3,000 mL of fluids daily and perhaps take a refillable water bottle to work.”
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  3. “Drink a lot more fluids as you are not getting enough.”
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  4. “Can you at least triple the amount of fluids you are drinking?”
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It is important to quantify the amount of fluid required each day for someone who has cystitis and/or has had several occurrences of the condition. Additional teaching plan may include taking water bottles to work, understanding size of glasses, to-go drinks, and making sure fluids can be taken during work break times. Selection A does not offer good instruction while selection C and D have words like “a lot more” and “triple the amount” when the amounts are not specifically taught.

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