Renal Question #41


A nurse becomes the client with symptoms of cystitis. The health provider’s office nurse encourages the client (who is also a nurse), to decrease the risk of recurring cystitis by which of the following statements?


  1. “Don’t get so busy on the hospital floor that you do not void for 8 – 10 hours”.
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  2. “You need to take a family leave from working at the hospital.”
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  3. “We nurses can handle going long periods without emptying our bladders”.
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  4. “Limit fluid intake while on the hospital floor so you will not have to go to the bathroom”.
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The statement of not waiting to void for 8-10 hours is correct since waiting will create stasis of urine, which may be a cause of bladder infection. The client should void every 2-3 hours. The nurse should not be told to take a leave from work, and nurses should not encourage going long periods of time before emptying the bladder. The last answer is not good since adequate fluid intake is necessary to maintain fluid and urinary status.

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