Renal Question #39


A client vists the clinic with symptoms of cystitis and receives a prescription for phenazopyridine hydochloride. After providing instructions on the medication, the nurse determines the client requires more teaching because of which statement?


  1. Thank you for the drug that I heard kills all bacteria which is why pain eases.”
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  2. “I will drink fluids and add cranberry juice daily.”
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  3. “I will take warm tub or sitz baths to help relieve urgency, discomfort, and spasm.”
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  4. “I know that my urine may turn bright orange-red and may stain my underwear.”
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Phenazopyridine hydrochloride (Pyridium) is a urinary analgesic that works on the bladder mucosa to relieve complains of dysuria. It may be used with other antibacterial therapy. Pyridium is an azo dye and is excreted in the urine. The client should drink plenty of fluids and cranberry juice is beneficial to maintain acid pH. Warm sitz or tub baths also help relieve discomfort. The client may have bright orange-red urine that may stain underwear.

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