Renal Question #38


An active elderly client is at the clinic for urinary tract infection. The nurse is teaching about the importance of drinking fluids. The nurse creates a written cue plan with the client on when to consume liquids throughout the day because of which risk factors?


  1. Older clients have decreased ability to detect thirst.
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  2. Older adults have diminished aldosterone production.
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  3. Older adults need less fluids because of heart failure concerns.
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  4. Older adults may require prophylaxis antibiotics and rotate them yearly.
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Thirst sensation declines with age and fluid intake may decrease which places the client at risk for imbalances in unloading and loading of baroreceptors. When volume stimulus is diminished, sensation for thirst does not increase as with younger populations. There is no diminished aldosterone production, and fear of heart failure should not become the reason for fluid restriction. Administering prophylaxis antibiotics may cause further risks of resistance along with adverse reactions.

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