Renal Question #36


The nurse just admitted a client with a diagnosis of possible polycystic kidney disease. The nurse’s assessment will include which findings that may be characteristic of polycystic kidney disease? (Select all that apply)


  1. Flank pain
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  2. Negative for proteinuria
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  3. Hematuria
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  4. Palpable, enlarged, knobby kidney
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Flank pain, hematuria, and palpable enlarged and knobby kidney may be present upon assessment of a client with polycystic kidney disease. Answer B is incorrect since proteinuria IS present. The client may also have hypertension and other signs of kidney failure as age approaches 50 to 60. The inherited disease consists of renal cysts that are fluid filled sacs that affect the nephrons. The cysts may enlarge and multiple until renal vessels and nephrons become compressed and tissue is destroyed.

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