Renal Question #26


The emergency department nurse receives an elderly client with sudden onset delirium. Assessment findings are as follows: Temp: 101.2°; Pulse: 115/min; Resp: 22/min; B/P: 88/54. The nurse interprets these findings as being consistent with which conditions?


  1. Urinary calculi
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  2. Urosepsis
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  3. Ureteritis
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  4. Hydronephrosis
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Urosepsis may occur if untreated urinary infections are present or from indwelling urinary catheters. This condition may become serious because of possible septic shock (see tachycardia and low blood pressure readings). Fever is a common manifestation. For elderly populations, delirium may occur with infection. The other answer selections do not fit the signs and symptoms.

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