Renal Question #25


The nurse is assessing a client with renal failure who receives peritoneal dialysis. The nurse observes cloudy drainage fluid. What is the nurse’s NEXT priority action following observation of the cloudy dialysate drainage?


  1. Contact the health care provider and continue monitoring for further signs of infection.
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  2. Give 250 mL bolus of normal saline to help flush kidneys.
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  3. Remove the peritoneal tubing and change the entire set-up with sterile technique.
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  4. Do nothing but monitor as cloudy dialysate drainage is normal.
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The nurse should contact the health provider immediately as cloudy dialysate drainage may indicate peritonitis and infection. Other symptoms may be unusual abdominal pain, fever, and chills. Adding more fluid to the client will be harmful. Although labs may want to culture the tubing and bag, it is not the NEXT priority action after observing the cloudy drainage. The nurse must contact the health care provider. Having cloudy dialsylate drainage is not normal.

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