Renal Question #21


A client calls the renal transplant clinic with symptoms that may be interpreted as kidney transplant rejection. When the client is at the clinic, the nurse will assess for which signs and symptoms of rejection?


  1. Fever, weight gain, and diminished urine output.
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  2. Depression and pain and redness at the incision site.
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  3. Hypotension, pain at the incision site, and fatigue.
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  4. Polyuria with odor.
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The client may show signs of kidney rejection with signs and symptoms of fever, increased weight, diminished urine output, ankle swelling, pain or swelling of the new kidney, increase in blood pressure, and elevated creatinine. Selection B does not support signs of rejection. C is incorrect since hypertension occurs not hypotension, and selection D is incorrect since urine is diminished not increased.

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