Renal Question #20


A client received a kidney transplant two years ago, and returns to the clinic complaining of frequent coughing for the past three months. Chest tomography reveals a tumor. The nurse understands that kidney transplant recipients are:


  1. At risk for benign adenomas related to change in cells during transplant.
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  2. At risk for preoccupation with fear of dying of another terminal condition.
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  3. At risk for cancer related to long-term use of anti-rejection therapy that causes immunosuppression.
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  4. Not any more at risk for cancer than the general population.
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Use of anti-rejection therapy such as cyclosporine is a life-long requirement; however, the drugs promote immune responses and risk for tumor development in other parts of the body. Selection A refers to only benign tumors. Selection B is an insensitive assumption about kidney transplant recipients.

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