Renal Question #19


The nurse caring for a client with prostate cancer with metastasis to the bones. Which action by the nurse will be most important for the client?


  1. Contact social services and clergy related to loss of sexual function.
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  2. Plan and execute a scheduled bowel regimen.
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  3. Explain the next step: prostatic transurethral resection procedure.
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  4. Keep head of bed in semi-fowlers at all times.
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Planning and executing a scheduled bowel regimen will be important for a client with prostate cancer and metastasis to the bones. Bowel function will likely diminish due to less activity and use of pain medications since bone cancer is painful. Sexual function is not the most important for the client, and the bone metastasis is an added serious development stressed by the question. A prostatic surgical procedure does nothing for bone involvement, and must not be ‘read’ into the question. Keeping the bed in semi-fowlers may be more comfortable for the client; however, it is not the most important.

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