Renal Question #10


The nurse is preparing a client for an intravenous pyelogram (IVP) and should include which action as part of the pre-planning for the IVP?


  1. Checking the client’s history for iodine.
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  2. Checking the record for previous day’s intake and output.
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  3. Checking the record for time and date of last bowel movement.
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  4. Instructing the client on straining urine following the procedure.
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The most important pre-planning for an IVP is rechecking allergies, particularly to iodine and/or shellfish. If allergy is present, the client is at risk for serious reaction to the IVP contrast material. While checking history of intake and output (both urine, bowel movements, and fluids) is important it is not as critical as determining allergy to iodine. The procedure itself may not promote release of the stone(s) as it is only a diagnostic imaging to determine location of the calculi. Straining the urine is a nursing intervention for renal calculi anyway, and the question centers on prep for the IVP.

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