Pharmacology Safety & Considerations #2


Which medication right is assured when the nurse clarifies with the healthcare provider (HCP) if the provider wants the certain client to receive stat morphine 5 mg intravenously (IV) or intramuscularly (IM)?


  1. Correct dosage
    • Rationale:

      This answer is not correct because the dosage of “5 mg” of morphine is very clear on the prescription. The route of IV or IM is the part of the prescription unclear to the nurse and should be clarified.

  2. Correct route
    • Rationale:

      This answer is correct because clarification is being sought regarding the IV or IM route. The prescription is incomplete until this is verified with the prescriber. All 6 rights must be assured to provide safe medication administration.

  3. Correct client
    • Rationale:

      This answer is not correct because the correct client is not in question on the prescription. The route is the unclear part of the healthcare provider’s prescription.

  4. Correct time
    • Rationale:

      This answer is not correct because “stat” has been provided in the prescription. The part of the prescription in question is the route.


The 6 rights of medication administration provide a safety checklist to help assure safe client medication administration. Sometimes, it is necessary to clarify the HCP’s prescription to make sure safe nursing care can be provided.


Learning Outcomes

Safe medication administration is supported by the practice of providing the 6 rights of medication administration every time, for every medication. Those rights include the nurse checking the correct client, drug, time, dosage, route, and documentation. Assuring each of those rights for the client is an organized checklist to make sure medication administration is provided accurately and safely. If any part of the prescription is unclear, the nurse should clarify the prescription with the healthcare provider.

Test Taking Tip

Be sure to read the question carefully to make sure you are answering what the question is asking. Always reread the stem of the question to keep you focused during the test.

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