Pharmacology Question #80


A client who is taking acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) is also a farmer and sustained several superficial injuries on arms and hands which presents with prolonged bleeding. The nurse should instruct the client to perform which action first?


  1. Keep ice pack cooler nearby to place ice on areas for 15-20 minutes, covered with telfa, and wear long sleeves and/or arm/glove protection.
  2. Use warm water and warm compresses to areas and wear long sleeves and/or arm/glove protection.
  3. Use full roll of kerlix to wrap entire arm from hands to elbows and cover tightly with ace wrap and clean under running water after farming.
  4. Keep clean dry washcloths available to clean injuries then continue farming.


The correct answer is A. ASA has antiplatelet effect and bleeding time may be prolonged. Vasoconstriction interventions will help the most such as applying ice to areas then covering with telfa to prevent wound from sticking. Proactive measures to prevent superficial injuries with work related activity includes wearing protective arm covering, gloves, and having cooler available with ice when out on the job. Use of warm water will vasodilate and create more bleeding. Wrapping arm tightly may affect circulation, and kerlix may reopen the wound after fibers stick to the bleeding areas. While cleaning areas is good, the actions in selection D do not tend to the issue of prolonged bleeding.