Pharmacology Question #44


The nurse caring for a client with brain injury administered mannitol (Osmitrol) for intracranial pressure. Which is the most important for the nurse to monitor following administration of mannitol (Osmitrol)?


  1. Intake and output.
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  2. Pupillary response.
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  3. Changes in pulse pressure
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  4. Respiratory rate.
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The nurse must closely monitor the intake and output following mannitol since the drug promotes diuresis. The osmotic action pulls water from extracellular fluid of the brain. Because of the urinary losses, severe hypokalemia may occur. Some policies warrant replacement of urinary loss for the first two hours following each administration. Close monitoring of blood pressure and intracranial pressure is also necessary. While pupillary response and pulse pressure changes are important in determining changes in intracranial pressure, the question aims at interventions post administration of an osmotic diuretic.

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