Pediatrics Question #8


The nurse is supervising a student nurse who is teaching the parents of a toddler
with acute diarrhea about home management. For which reason should the nurse intervene during the student’s teaching?


  1. “A skin barrier cream like zinc oxide is helpful in the diaper area.”
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  2. “Avoid giving your child over-the-counter antidiarrheal medications.”
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  3. “Give your child only bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast for about a week.”
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  4. “Measure the number of wet diapers and call the clinic if there is a decrease.”
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The correct answer is C. Oral hydration with electrolytes should be given to a child to replace lost electrolytes from diarrhea. Zinc oxide is a barrier cream which helps with diaper rash. Over the counter antidiarrheal medications should be avoided as they contain bismuth, magnesium, or aluminum and can be harmful to a toddler. Measuring the number of wet diapers allows the parent to monitor for dehydration which is a potential risk when a child has acute diarrhea.

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