Pediatrics Question #49


Which statement(s) about child safety made by the parent of an 11-month-old indicate(s) a need
for further teaching? (Select all that apply.)


  1. “There are top and bottom childproof gates on our stairs.”
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  2. “We have a locked fence surrounding our swimming pool.”
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  3. “We place cleaning supplies in the lower cabinet.”
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  4. “The crib mattress is at the lowest level possible.”
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  5. “We often leave our child alone in a mobile walker.”
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The correct answers are C and E. Cleaning supplies should be put in higher cabinets with childproof locks on them to prevent accidental poisoning. Leaving a child unattended in a baby walker allows children to do things too soon. The height and speed of a baby walker increases the chance of children reaching countertops, shelves, stove tops, falling down stairs, or falling into bathtubs or fireplaces. This increases the risk of injuries and is unsafe. Stairways should have childproof gates for safety with an 11-month-old as they are becoming very mobile at this age. Swimming pools should have a locked fence along with an alarm system with young children in the household to decrease the risk of drowning. Most infants at 11 months are able to pull themselves up and climb over or fall out of the crib. The mattress should be placed at the lowest level possible to decrease the risk of injury.

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