Pediatrics Question #48


Which socioeconomic factor(s) would place a 3-month-old at high risk for developing failure to
thrive (FTT)? (Select all that apply.)


  1. A family where both caregivers work.
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  2. Baby lives with an unemployed parent.
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  3. Parents have no family or friends.
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  4. Parents live together but are unmarried.
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  5. The primary caregiver has autism.
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The correct answers are B, C and E. Living with an unemployed parent, parents having no family or friends, and the primary caregiver having autism increases the risk for an infant to have adequate nutrition due to lack of income. A caregiver with autism increases the risk of FFT because autistic individuals have difficulty understanding nonverbal language. This social skill is needed to adequately care for an infant. Both caregivers working increases resources for adequate nutrition. Parents not being married has no effect on adequate nutrition.

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