Pediatrics Question #44


Which communication technique(s) would be most beneficial for establishing rapport with the
parents of a 9-year-old child during a complete physical assessment? (Select all that apply.)


  1. Be sure to ask questions with only “yes” or “no” answers.
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  2. Encourage the child to describe their health concern.
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  3. Interview the child separately from the parent.
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  4. Be at eye-level when speaking to the patient.
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  5. Use jargon and slang to help patients understand.
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The correct answers are B and D. It is important to always speak to the patient first. This communicates that you feel they are important. Once you greet the child then it is okay to address the parents. Erikson’s stage of development for this age is Industry vs Inferiority-Competence. Children at this age can describe what they are feeling. Standing over pediatric patients may make them feel uncomfortable. Kneel down to speak to them or sit on an exam table beside them to position at a similar level. Questions that can be answered “yes” or “no” are closed ended questions and do not establish rapport. Interviewing the child separately from the parent can create mistrust with the parents and fear in the child. Avoid this method unless there is an abusive situation suspected. It is best to avoid medical jargon or slang but speak in an age specific language that the child can understand. Have the child repeat instructions for understanding.

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