Pediatrics Question #42


Which is the best activity for a 15-year-old scheduled for surgery who will be hospitalized for a
week then discharged to home for one month?


  1. Having family dinner together.
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  2. Having video chats with friends.
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  3. Reading school assignments.
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  4. Watching shows on Netflix or YouTube.
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The correct answer is B. It is important for the adolescent to maintain social relationships. Being confined to home does not allow for social interaction. Video chats with friends is the best activity for this stage of development. During this stage, adolescents explore their independence and develop a sense of self. It is normal for the 15-year-old to pull away from family during this time. While keeping up with assignments is important for an adolescent who is out of school for any length of time, it does fulfill the need of socialization. The adolescent will likely spend time watching television or interact on social media. It is not the best choice for socialization during times of illness.

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