Pediatrics Question #40


Which psychosocial assessment finding for a 2-year-old child should be reported to the pediatric
health care provider (HCP)?


  1. The child does not respond to people when spoken to.
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  2. The mother reports that the child has occasional temper tantrums.
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  3. The child imitates others’ actions and words.
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  4. The child plays with a ball throughout the entire check-up.
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The correct answer is A. A two-year-old child should speak in 2-3 word sentences or phrases that communicate their needs. This lack of response may indicate autism or another disorder and should be reported to the HCP. Occasional temper tantrums are normal for a 2-year-old child. It is normal for a toddler to imitate the actions of others. It is how they learn to laugh, eat, and play. Developmentally at age 2, a child is able to play with toys for a longer period of time. Playing with the toy puts the focus on the toy and not the health care provider who may make the child somewhat uncomfortable.

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