Pediatrics Question #36


Which response by the nurse is best when a parent calls to report that their 11-month-old child
was exposed to the measles virus the previous day?


  1. Inquire if the child currently has any indication of a rash, fever, or other lesions.
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  2. Tell the parent to bring the child in for their mumps, measles, rubella vaccine.
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  3. Tell the parent to isolate the child from non-exposed children for at least a week.
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  4. Tell the parent to monitor the child’s skin and temperature a couple times a day.
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The correct answer is B. The first injection in the series of measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccinations is given between 12-15 months. This 11-month-old child has not received the immunization. This is the best option to protect the child. The child will not have a rash, fever or other lesions if just exposed to measles the previous day. There is no reason to isolate this child as they are not contagious to anyone. Monitoring the skin and temperature are not the best choice as receiving the immunization..

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