Pediatrics Question #34


Which statement(s) made by the parent of an infant diagnosed with rotavirus infection indicate(s) that the instruction provided has been effective? (Select all that apply.)


  1. “As soon as the diarrhea subsides, I will resume breastfeeding my child.”
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  2. “Baby wipes containing alcohol will help reduce the spread of the virus.”
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  3. “Contaminated objects, such as toys, can spread the infection to others.”
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  4. “I will apply ointment with zinc oxide to my child’s perianal area for comfort.”
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  5. “I will watch closely and report any significant decrease in the number of wet diapers.”
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The correct answers are C, D and E. The virus can be spread by contaminated toys. Washing all toys and surfaces with hot soapy water, and then disinfecting with 1:10 dilute bleach will kill the rotavirus. Zinc oxide will coat the child’s skin and protect it from breakdown. A decrease in wet diapers can be the first indicator that the child is dehydrated and should be reported. Infants’ and children’s higher body water content, along with their higher metabolic rate contribute to their higher turnover of fluids. The infant will need to continue breastfeeding throughout the sickness. The infant is at high risk of dehydration from diarrhea. Alcohol that is contained in baby wipes is not sufficient enough to decrease the spread of the infection. Proper hand hygiene must be performed.

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