Pediatrics Question #30


Which assessment by the nurse of a child diagnosed with tonsillitis is most critical?


  1. Foul odor to breath.
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  2. Deviation of uvula to one side.
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  3. Hoarse voice.
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  4. Sandpaper-like rash.
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The correct answer is B. Deviation of the uvula to one side can be an indication of severe swelling or a peritonsillar abscess that can block the throat possibly making it difficult to breath. The breath of a child diagnosed with tonsillitis is likely to be foul smelling from accumulation of sulfur-producing bacteria and debris that becomes lodged in the tonsils. A hoarse voice can be a normal sign and is not a need for additional concern beyond care for tonsillitis. A sandpaper-like rash can appear 12-48 hours after symptoms of tonsillitis begin. This is known as scarlet fever (a strep rash).

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