Pediatrics Question #26


A 13 year old patient is diagnosed with scoliosis. The health care provider prescribes a brace to be worn 23 hours per day. What reason will cause the child to most likely be noncompliant with the prescription?


  1. Pain is too intense
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  2. Knowledge deficit
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  3. Body image issues
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  4. Difficulty keeping up with the brace
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The correct answer is C. At this age adolescents are self conscious of their appearance. The brace may make them appear different from their friends. The pain should not be too intense. The brace either does not fit properly or the health care provider should be called. While there may be some knowledge deficit and understanding of how the brace works this is not the most likely reason for noncompliance. Adolescents are able to maintain some responsibility and this is an unlikely reason to be noncompliant.

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