Pediatrics Question #25


Which statements made by the parent of a child who just received a cast for a fractured ulna
would indicate a need for further instructions by the nurse? (Select all that apply.)


  1. “Elevation above the heart the first 24-48 hours will help the pain and swelling.”
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  2. “I should report any itching under the cast the first 48 hours after placement.”
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  3. “I will report severe pain that is not alleviated by the pain medications given.”
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  4. “If my child’s fingers get cold and pale, I will put a heating pad on them.”
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The correct answers are B and D. Itching is normal and is not necessary to report. Cool air blown by a hair dryer can help to decrease sweating and discomfort associated with itching. Fingers that are cold and pale can be a sign of a complication of fractures called compartment syndrome. Heat will not decrease the swelling that has occurred. The health care provider needs to immediately be contacted. Elevation of the extremity in the first 24-48 hours is important to decrease the swelling and pain associated with fractures. Pain that is not controlled with pain medications should be reported to the health care provider as it could be a sign of compartment syndrome.

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