Pediatrics Question #23


Which statement made by the parent of a child with a new Pavlik harness indicates that the
parents understand the instructions on the proper use of the harness? (Select all that apply.)


  1. “I can remove the harness 1-2 hours a day for bathing.”
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  2. “I need to adjust the straps a couple times a week.”
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  3. “Inspecting the skin under the straps is important.”
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  4. “The harness should stay on during diaper changes.”
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The correct answers are C and D, Infants with a new Pavlik harness are checked every week or two by the health care provider to adjust the fit, check the progress, and screen for complications. Skin under all straps should be checked frequently for skin breakdown from rubbing of the straps, as well as all skin folds, especially behind the knees and in the diaper area. These areas need to be kept clean, dry, and free of rashes. During the early stages of treatment (approximately 6-12 weeks) the harness should not be removed unless specifically prescribed by the health care provider. A sponge bath with the harness in place is recommended.

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