Pediatrics Question #22


Which nursing intervention is most appropriate when assisting an infant to prepare for a lumbar


  1. Clean the area thoroughly with a betadine solution.
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  2. Hold the child in a knee-chest position.
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  3. Obtain consent for general anesthesia.
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  4. Record vital signs every 15 minutes
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The correct answer is B. The knee-chest position allows for maximum flexion of the spine allowing increased space between vertebrae to ease needle insertion but avoids over flexing the neck. The lumbar area is cleaned with a chlorhexidine solution and is done by the physician. Consent will be obtained by the health care provider. The child may or may not undergo general anesthesia. Vital signs will be taken every 4 hours for 24 hours after a lumbar puncture. Recording vital signs every 15 minutes in preparation for a lumbar puncture is not needed.

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