Pediatrics Question #19


Which statement(s) made by the parent of a child scheduled for an electroencephalogram (EEG) indicates that further teaching is required? (Select all that apply.)


  1. “I will give my child diphenhydramine the night before for a good night’s rest.”
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  2. “I will shampoo my child’s hair thoroughly the morning of the procedure.”
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  3. “My child will be put to sleep for 30 minutes to an hour for the procedure.”
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  4. “My child will receive adequate pain medication for the procedure.”
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  5. “The gel that is put in my child’s hair may take a few days to wear off.”
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The correct answers are A, C, D and E. For a routine EEG, it is preferred that the child be sleep deprived. It allows the EEG to be more sensitive to some abnormalities in a patient who is sleep deprived. Some abnormalities can only be seen during sleep so sleep deprivation makes it more likely that the child will sleep during the study. No over-the-counter medications should be given with the health care provider being aware. The child may be asked to breathe deeply and rapidly. The child may be asked to try to go to sleep but will not be put to sleep.The procedure is not painful and the child will not be given any pain medication. The gel put on the scalp will wash off with warm water and a cloth. If more difficult, shampooing the hair will take off the gel. Clean hair will make it easier to remove the electrodes after the test is done. Avoid using hair products such as gel and hairspray. Any hair extensions must also be removed.

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