Pediatrics Question #14


Which statement made by the parents of a 5-month-old infant when discussing dietary choices is most concerning to the nurse?


  1. “Our baby eats all of her oatmeal when we sweeten it with fresh honey.”
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  2. “Our baby especially loves the canned vegetables when we puree them.”
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  3. “We don’t want our baby to be underweight so we feed several times per day.”
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  4. “We make peach cobbler with fresh peaches and feed our baby small bites.”
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The correct answer is A. Infants younger than 1 year old should not be given honey. Clostridium bacteria that can cause infant botulism can be contained in fresh honey. Fresh vegetables are a better option but canned vegetables that are pureed are an acceptable choice for baby food. A 5-month-old baby should eat or nurse every three to five hours.Many pediatricians recommend trying peaches at 5 months old.

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