Pediatrics Question #12


Which actions would be appropriate during the examination of a 9-year-old child with
abdominal pain? (Select all that apply.)


  1. Ask the parent to give a description of the child’s pain
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  2. Have the child describe the discomfort and rate pain
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  3. Complete a head-to-toe assessment in the same way as an adult
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  4. Respect the child’s desire to be examined without a parent present
    • Rationale:



The correct answers are B, C, and D. The child is old enough to be able to rate the pain and discomfort. Anatomically and developmentally, it is appropriate to complete a head to toe assessment in the same manner as an adult. Adolescents have the right to be examined by a health care professional without a parent present. Because the child is the one experiencing the pain, the parents cannot describe what the child is feeling.

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