Pediatrics Question #1


Which finding should the nurse report to the health care provider before sending an infant for a scheduled angioplasty through the femoral artery to correct congenital pulmonic stenosis?


  1. Loud systolic heart murmur.
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  2. Oxygen saturation of 90% on 2L/min.
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  3. Capillary refill of <3 seconds.
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  4. Severe diaper dermatitis.
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The correct answer is D. Severe diaper dermatitis is a skin condition and can contribute to infection which should be reported to the health care provider before attempting a femoral angioplasty. A loud systolic murmur can be a normal finding in congenital pulmonic stenosis. An oxygen saturation of 90% on 2L/min is a normal finding in this condition. A capillary refill time of 3 seconds is a normal finding.

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