Neurological Question #9


The nurse is caring for a client with spinal cord injury and is preparing instructional plan for the client and family on autonomic dysreflexia. Which teaching promotes the best measure to minimize occurrence of autonomic dysreflexia?


  1. Perform bladder catheterization to once each 12 hours.
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  2. Use nitroglycerin ointment for low blood pressure.
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  3. Perform range of motion at least 4 times per day.
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  4. Perform bladder catheterization at least every 4 hours.
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The nurse should instruct the client and family to make sure the bladder is not full since a full bladder may trigger an autonomic dysreflexia response, which may lead to increased blood pressure and possible stroke. Nitroglycerin may be used at the onset of autonomic dysreflexia for increased blood pressure. Some signs are headache, flushed skin, or sweating above the spinal cord injury occurs. The nitro past helps to bring blood pressure down quickly. Performing range of motion does not lessen chances of autonomic reflexia.

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