Neurological Question #8


The nurse received a report from the emergency department (ED) that the admission arriving on his unit was having multiple grand mal seizures in the ED. Which of these actions should the nurse perform to prepare the patient’s room for seizure precautions before arrival to the unit? Select all that apply.


  1. Provide a visible airway at the bedside.
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  2. Place a padded tongue blade at the bedside.
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  3. Place the bed in the highest position.
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  4. Place oxygen in the patient’s room.
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  5. Place suction equipment in the patient’s room.
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Grand mal seizures (also called tonic/clonic seizures) are life-threatening and caused by abnormal brain electricity. The patient can lose consciousness and experience violent muscle contractions that cause breathing to cease. Patient safety is most important to prevent the patient from hurting themselves. Seizure precautions include having an airway available, placing the bed in the lowest position, placing oxygen and suction equipment in the patient’s room. Padding the side rails is recommended, but not always easy to do before the patient arrives. Keeping the environment free from bright lights and loud noises is important to prevent the onset of a seizure. Never place a padded tongue blade in the mouth of a patient having a seizure because this could damage the patient’s teeth, jaw, and obstruct their airway.

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