Neurological Question #34


A client with trigeminal neuroalgia returns to the clinic for follow-up. Which assessment is most important for the nurse to perform for the client with trigeminal neuroalgia?


  1. Skin temperature
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  2. Determining areas of pain through palpation
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  3. Examination of dentition
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  4. Perform cranial nerve IX and X assessment
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Assessment of teeth and gums are important because dental care is often not performed for fear of pain associated with the oral care. Skin temperature and determining pain on palpation are not useful, and palpation for pain may trigger more intense pain and should be avoided. Cranial nerve IX and X are not affected by trigeminal neuralgia (trigeminal nerve is V). Trigeminal nerves control sensations in the face. Most pain is experienced in the upper or lower jaw and runs in cycles

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