Neurological Question #3


The nurse is caring for a client with Parkinson’s disease and prioritizes which intervention in the plan of care?


  1. Instruct the client to eat foods high in phosphorous which helps mental clarity
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  2. Place client on bedpan every 3 hours to establish voiding
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  3. Elevate client’s legs when sitting to avoid edema
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  4. Use armless chair to increase leg strength when getting up
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A client with Parkinson’s disease ambulates with a slow shuffle gait. Slowness and mobility alterations may predispose the client for increased edema so elevating the legs is important. The client should retain as much independence as possible, even with bathroom activities. There is no indication that phosphorous increase will help in mental clarity. Using armless chairs may cause a safety risk since the client will not have arms to hold onto and stabilize self while getting up.

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