Neurological Question #29


The nurse will collaborate with the interdisciplinary team on communication assist with a client with expressive aphasia. The team decided on which intervention to help with communication?


  1. Make sure all staff know to speak slowly and in short sentences.
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  2. Make sure all staff speak loudly for the client to hear.
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  3. Make sure all staff write on a clipboard for the client to read communication.
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  4. Make sure all staff assist the client with use of a picture board which is client driven.
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Expressive aphasia clients may understand what is heard or written, but they may not be able to verbally communicate their needs. A picture or communication board helps the client as the client can point to or direct others towards objects on the board for wants and needs. Speaking loudly or slowly is not therapeutic for communication and may diminish the client’s dignity. Having staff to be the only ones to write implies one-way communication that is staff-driven and not client-need driven. The focus is client-centered care and the client should be encouraged to express needs and wants through therapeutic means.

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